Learn How To Build An Expert Status

Do You Want To Become the Voice of Your Industry

Many people are highly skilled at what they do, and even perform their jobs flawlessly, but unless there is constant growth through learning and improving, the performance alone is not enough to achieve expert status. The key to becoming an expert is to always be improving, growing, and evolving!

In order to achieve expert status, it is important to find a balance between learning and performance for sustained growth and improvement through experience, reflection, change, and feedback.

An expert becomes an authority in their field by having the unique ability to disseminate and organize information, and to see complex patterns and relationships.

To become an expert, one must have the dedication, perseverance, and a good strategy that incorporates both learning and performance.

Please join me for Learn How To Build An Expert Status on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:00 pm EDT to find out how to become an expert in your field!

What to Expect

During this webinar, I will be discussing what it means to be an expert, as well as how to best succeed at achieving expert status, which includes having:

- A growth mindset
- A desire to improve
- A roadmap for how to approve

The path to expert status requires steady motivation. There are several ways to ensure that you stay inspired as you continue to grow and improve your processes, and these steps will be covered in this webinar.

The approach to improvement is as important as the improvements one makes, so having a strategy in place is necessary to be able to track progress.

I will be explaining how to best analyze current industry information, trends, and innovations to help construct a roadmap to becoming an expert that includes networking, mentorship, publication, and feedback.

Hosted by:

Gerald Leonard

The Benefits of Attending

Taking a deliberate aim at your goals means thinking outside of the box, doing whatever it takes to keep your motivation high, being consistent, persistent, and tracking your progress.

This webinar will walk you through some steps to help you create a strategy for achieving your goal of building an expert status, as well as guiding you through your approach for learning, connecting, and reflecting to keep you motivated and inspired to fulfill your goal.

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, June 18th At 7:00 pm EDT!